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Proactive Healthcare for Lasting Wellness

Have you considered how important annual exams are in safeguarding your pet’s health and well-being? At Coon Rapids WellHaven Veterinarian Clinic, we understand how these routine check-ups support your furry companion’s vitality and happiness.

By bringing your pet to our clinic for their annual exam, you’ll not only receive expert care from our dedicated team but also gain peace of mind knowing that your pet’s health is in capable hands.

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Importance of Annual Pet Exams

Annual pet exams play a vital role in supporting your furry friend’s well-being and longevity. Here are several reasons why these routine check-ups are indispensable:

Early Detection of Health Issues

One of the primary benefits of annual pet wellness exams is the early detection of potential health issues. Through regular check-ups, our experienced veterinarians can identify subtle changes or abnormalities that might indicate an underlying health issue.

Detecting problems early allows for prompt intervention and treatment, often preventing these issues from progressing into more severe conditions. This proactive approach significantly enhances the chances of successful treatment and a better quality of life for your pet.

Disease Prevention

Preventive pet care is far more effective than reactive treatment. Annual pet exams enable us to administer necessary vaccinations, parasite control measures, and recommend preventive medications or treatments to keep diseases at bay. By staying proactive, we aim to protect your pet from illnesses to give them the best shot at a healthy and happy life.

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Comprehensive Pet Health Assessment

During annual exams, our veterinarians conduct a thorough evaluation of your pet’s overall health. This involves checking various aspects of your pet’s well-being, including their weight, dental health, heart function, skin condition, and more. This holistic evaluation helps us establish a baseline for your pet’s health and identify any concerns that require attention.

What to Expect During an Annual Exam

At our Coon Rapids veterinarian clinic, our annual pet wellness exams encompass a comprehensive evaluation of your beloved companion’s health. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

Physical Exam

During the annual exam, our veterinarians conduct a thorough physical examination of your pet. This includes assessing vital signs such as temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate to ensure they fall within healthy ranges. We also examine your pet’s physical condition, checking for any abnormalities, lumps, or signs of discomfort.

Dental Check-Up

Dental health is a crucial aspect of your pet’s overall well-being. As part of the annual exam, our vets perform a comprehensive dental check-up. We assess the condition of your pet’s teeth and gums, identifying any signs of periodontal disease, tartar buildup, or other dental issues. Addressing these dental concerns early can prevent discomfort and potential health complications down the line.

Vaccinations and Preventive Care Discussions

We review your pet’s vaccination history and administer any necessary vaccines to protect against common diseases and make sure your pet’s immunity remains strong. We also provide guidance on preventive care measures, such as parasite control and other strategies to safeguard your pet’s health.

Nutrition and Weight Management Advice

Wise nutritional choices are important for your pet’s overall health. During the annual exam, our veterinarians conduct a nutritional assessment, evaluating your pet’s diet and weight. Based on this assessment, we offer personalized advice and recommendations for proper nutrition and weight management, if needed.


Schedule Your Pet’s Annual Exam Today

Trust and communication play an essential role in fostering a lasting relationship between our veterinarians and pet owners. We understand that your pet is a beloved member of your family, so building trust is key to providing the best possible care.

We typically recommend annual exams for dogs under the age of seven and semi-annual exams for senior pets.

Don’t wait until health issues pop up. Book an pet exam appointment today to give them the gift of a healthy, happy life. We hope to see you soon!

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When to seek out Coon Rapids Urgent Vet Care Services

It can be a stressful situation when you find your pet in need of immediate emergency or urgent care or if you’re unsure what you should be doing to help. Please don’t hesitate to call the Coon Rapids WellHaven for guidance in these difficult times.


Emergency Care

Whether your pet is in need of immediate emergency care or emergent care (when a situation can worsen over a short period of time), acting quickly can make all the difference in the world. Please call (763) 290-0830 at once to ensure we can see you as early as possible if your pet is experiencing any of the following issues. Please Note we are not currently seeing walk-in patients at this time.


  • Quills
  • Foxtails
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Toxicities
  • Marijuana ingestions
  • Lacerations
  • Abscesses
  • Breathing issues
  • Seizures
  • General pain
  • Foreign body ingestions (gastrointestinal blockages)
  • Laboring pets
  • Laboring issues
  • And many other issues


Although we are a fully outfitted veterinary hospital, there are times when we won't be able to see or treat your pet. In these cases, your pet will need to be seen by another clinic, hospital, or veterinary facility. If necessary, we will refer you and your pet to another doctor for the following circumstances:

  • Serious trauma, such as being hit by a car, falls of distance, or gunshot
  • Head or eye injuries
  • Irregular breathing, shortness of breath, prolonged or heavy panting
  • Heart disease or failure
  • Severe or sudden onset of pain
  • Blood loss
  • Broken bones
  • Exposure to toxins including rat poison and antifreeze
  • Hyper- or hypothermia (heatstroke or frostbite)
  • High fever
  • Serious burns
  • Cluster seizures or severe neurologic disease 




Coon Rapids Accepts Referral Urgent Care Patients

If you’re an animal clinic that is unable to perform urgent care or offer emergency services, please consider sending your patients to the Coon Rapids WellHaven. When they call, make sure they tell us their primary care facility so we can get all of the necessary information from you before they arrive at our facility. We will also relay visit information back to you to ensure you have a complete history of your patients.

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